Here are some things that you can only find in China...... 
Sure I could show you pics of the beautiful scenery and tall buildings ( which there are an abundance of,  belive me ) But I want to make it a little more interesting.  On this page are pictures of the weird and wacky things you would only see in China!

Squid on stick
Squid on a Stick.
This doesn't look great but DAMN it's good!!!!  The best ones in the world you can find in Taipei at Damshui.  I tried them in mainland China and thailand as well bit nothing beats th basting they put on it like in Damshui!
chicken store
 I know this is disgusting!!!!!!!  This is where the locals buy their food....  and remember it is currently 39'C in Shanghai and this store is not refrigirated!!
 my meat 
 Like the chicken store above ..also hot and gross.....but look at the pack of cigarettes just lying on top of the meat!!!!  Higene is not an issue here!!!!
 helipadirmaSad but true!!!!!  This is our friend Chris!!!  Like you can see, he's been in China way too long and has probably eaten some of the meat above!!!!  Look what it has done to him!!!!
 welfare pads 
 This is the cheapest maxi pads on the can even afford it if you are on "welfare"...ha ha ha
 Dog toilets 
This Picture was taken in Macau by my pal Al.  He said that there are special areas where dogs should do their business..... As if you can really control that!
 Veggie Chips 
Some interesting flavours of chips here in China!!!! These are not even half of them!!!!  You should see the flavours here in China!
 buffy condomsDo you think Buffy knows that she is selling condoms in China?


[img_assist|fid=69|thumb=0|alt=bugtea] [img_assist|fid=71|thumb=0|alt=bugtea2] So in this bottle is a Cicada... it's some kind of bug and if you drink it in tea....... it "heals your sore throat".... i think it's child abuse but that is just my opinion!!!!! [img_assist|fid=73|thumb=0|alt=lobster] So this is the lobster we eat in China. These are still alive but turn orange when cooked. They are cultivized, fresh water lobsters and they have an uncanny resemblence to huge cockroaches ... Scary don't you think. [img_assist|fid=75|thumb=0|alt=fokin] I guess this is funnier when u speak Afrikaans..but u'll get it even if u don't.