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Wed, 28/09/2005 - 16:42 -- irma
 I can't wait.......    On Monday the 3rd of October we're going to Beijing.  So there will be lots of really cool pics on my site soon!!!  We are taking the train there.  Well China is a big place (like all of you hopefully already know) so it will take us 12hours by train and we'll arrive there at 7:30 Tuesday morning!  We're all going.... Hennie, Coco, Chris, Al, Stacy and myself and we'll meet a friend from Taiwan there, Jamie.  We're gonna go see The great wall of China, Tianimen Square, The temple of heaven, The Forbidden City, Mao tse Tungs' mosileum and the future site of the greatest failure in the history of the Olimpic Games!!  I'm so excited!!! I downloaded a few pics so you can see what I'm looking forward to... here they are!!!!


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