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Poker Face

Tue, 13/03/2007 - 13:06 -- irma

On Thursday I joined Sam, Mike and friends for poker and Mojito night at their place... it was fabulous and well I have to admit that I am not the best poker player but I kicked ass when we played Super Trucks afterwards.

On Friday Lisa, Stefan and I decided to try out the Year round October fest at the Waterfront... it sucked!!! Big Time! So we went to Pete and Jerry's ... there Andre and Hennie joined us.. but there were so many other people that I knew. (Muerte and better half, Hannes and Jcaques and Arno, Kavenah and Robert....) Then Lisa went home and the rest of us went to Andres' house to continue the party until who-knows-what-time.

I was fragile and tired for the rest of the weekend... only went to lunch with Freds on Sunday in China town close to Bruma.

Yesterday was Will's bday... Happy Birthday William!!! We know that you had a great one since we were there to celebrate with you!

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Happy Bday Stella!

Mon, 26/02/2007 - 12:20 -- irma

On Friday I scraped all my courage together and took on peak hour traffic on the N1 to Pretoria... Oh the horror!
It was Stellas' Birthday and we had to celebrate!
I made it there safe and sound just to realize that it is much too hot in Pretoria and that I do not want to be there at all!
Well I was convinced to stay and a fan was placed in front of me and an icy drink in my hand.
We got ready to go out that evening and went to Cactus Creek, where I saved the life of Suicidal Andre (yes yes yes I know...the good deeds never stop... I can't help myself)
Then, when my work there was done we went to DropZone in Hatfield.
I continued with my good deeds by chatting to Xander and letting him feel good about himself by allowing him to buy me drinks(yup.. Xander from school was there). After Stella broke her shoe she hopped out and we went home just before sunrise.
Saturday we woke up early (can't sleep in that heat) and I made some delicious frozen vodka -induced cocktails for breakfast...and I kept making them till about 1am that evening.... making sure everybody stayed refreshed.
On Sunday I returned home to the cool breezy Joburg...


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