About Me

Name : Irma Laas

Date of Birth : 9 June ( On the contact page you will find my postal address, to where you can send my presents)
Occupation: I am currently working as an English teacher In Shanghai China. I have studied Chinese for a year in Taipei Taiwan
and for 2 years in Shanghai, mainland China. I now am fluent in broken Chinese. Whoo hoo!
I work at a Kindergarten called Ian Pre School My students range from the ages of 18months and 7years old, and I love them all so much!!!!
Ok i still love them but in December 2005 I came back to SA and I am making and selling websites now. I am a website um.. call it "person" by day but I like to see myself as a musician.... (And I plan on learning to play an instrument really soon)
That's me (and Astroboy) .. I like bunnies, candyfloss and skipping breakfast like Nicole Ricci does!