The Chinese can say and write the weirdest things....

Bad ass Grafitti in Beijing!

I think they're hoping to lestore and lefurbish the hotel decor during the lenovation.

This Pic was taken in a Taiwanese toilet
smart noshery If you can explain smart noshery to me.... please do?
cherokeeWho am I to say Grand Cherokee?
Hi Life
This is one of the major convieniece store chains in Taiwan...
It sells booze 24hours a day,7days a week!
Sexy Monica
I don't think a 4 year old should be wearing a shirt like that!
great hospitalRumour has it that it's no holiday being a patient here.
Nipples Any one for some nipple pop candy??? (I just want to thank my beautiful mouth model, Al)
So here in China they rate their public toilets.... a One star toilet is a hole in the ground (no walls or doors) where you just have to squat over and a 4 star would be a toilet which is soaking wet and smells terrible. I've been in Asia for almost 3 years now and have yet to discover a 5 star one.... I think they are just rumours.
Under construction Well this sign is self-expanitory... or not?
Thanks Al for providing me with the next few pics...
Forbid fire
Alain Chartrand
Alain Chartrand
green forever Alain Chartrand
Location Alain Chartrand
Rinse please Alain Chartrand
This is what it says on a food package - "Fuck the Material" is one of the ingredients. Look even closer and you will see that "Restore Sugar" is also an ingredient, along with "Fat" and "Starch".