Morning Star Sushi

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Thu, 11/03/2010 - 19:53 -- irma

EEEEK!!! GMMFFF… sigh.

I have found the one company not listed on the internet, they are called Morning Star sushi. It might not be the best sushi in the world but in cases of emergency they they provide me with my much needed, around-the-corner, dose of raw salmon rolled in rice kept in place by a dab of stringy weed - not smokable… I don't think.

Well in order to be the only place in this intricate virtual world that Die Antwoord would call INTERWEB .. I am going to list them.
(To Morning star:  ???? alternatively you can thank me by paying me in white rabbits - the candy or the pet/stirfry )
Here it goes:

Morning star sushi

Morning star sushi

Morning star sushi.
On Oxford rd somewhere

Tel:  011 792 6878