I'm Back!

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Wed, 30/01/2008 - 08:24 -- irma

Hello kids, Irma here. I'm back from what was either a long week running through a field with Johnny Depp or a long week working so much that my head has swollen up to the point where traditional hats no longer fit me, depending on who you ask.

Anyway, now I'm back. High fives all round! No? Suit yourselves.

Thanks ever so much to all the guest who can’t make it to Mareleen and Alex’s wedding, especially since this means that we are all allowed to participate in the festivities. Yay!
So congratulations to Alex and his bride-to-be, even if the whole thing is transparently a sham for visa purposes. Now, on with business…

What you have missed in the last 2 weeks were:

* lots of cocktails at Mama Thembos’ with giants,
* An abusive stripper
* Chris10 and I have a new semi-permanent roomie, El Gingero,
* Chist10 + shooters = a colossal attack of rage and anger.

* and the biggest event of all - and this is completely true - Noel has personally assured the public that he will definitely find a job really soon. An actual job. And by that I mean that Noel has mumbled a couple of noncommittal words about himself eventually applying for some sort of work, but not for ages and actually he's not even going to think about it for six months anyway, but that's pretty much the same thing.
We are very proud to announce that Noel just finished his second degree on Monday, He now officially knows just about everything about.. wait for it... Politics and also Criminology. U go my favourite syrup-faced geek!
Click here for the pre-hangover pics.

Feeling better now? I thought you might.