The Birthday week:

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Wed, 13/02/2008 - 22:12 -- irma
February 2nd:

Jean Mare Spaz a Bowling Club For Birthday

What’s that? He went to an old bowling club for seniors on his birthday?
Jean also fell around the bar, drank enough shooters to get a girls netball team pregnant and then told everybody how much he loves them? Oh, thank goodness for that. Business as usual, then.
Who am I kidding, everyone knows that Jean has already spent most of his life so far chugging enough booze to fill the Hartebeespoort Dam over 100 times over.
That was a brilliant party as expected

February 7th:

Anina vd Merwe Turns 25, African-Style

On Friday Anina celebrated her 25th birthday by doing something very special; not having an organized dinner with family for the 60th time - I mean that she somehow spent a whole night out without Stephan complaining about going home once. We went to Mama Thembos for a night filled with cocktails, kuku burgers and Sowetan toilets! She only invited pretty people.... sorry!

February 8th:

Arno Burger Turns 25 & Barks Out Some Birthday Songs.

By the time we arrived there the party was warmed up enough that Arno was singing how he is a Barbie girl and how you can brush his hair.... He really enjoyed it and it opened up a few doors for him.
Yes, you're in luck - apparently Arno has started hiring himself out to private functions for R200 a pop. Good or bad, you can't say that won't be memorable?

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