Happy New Year! (why not make 2009 the year you finally get that nosejob?)

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Thu, 15/01/2009 - 20:10 -- irma

So it’s no longer Christmas and you can spend all your money on yourself again!  Yeh!! 


Christmas was great, we were between my family and Andres'.  I accidentally broke Andres' grandmothers wrist on Christmas eve. I'm sooo sorry Laas family! From now on I promise to be extra careful when helping the elderly.
We had lots of fun on our New Years Eve party...  Anina got the hep and thus herself and Stephan could not join us for new years eve. Bhoo hoo!
But Nikki and Arnie came and we had a great time...   About 50 minutes before the 2009 countdown begun, the whole of Kosmos got struck by a thunderstorm and lost power...  so we had candles for light, lightning for fireworks and my iPhone for a DJ, the champagne and shooters were able to represent themselves ... so the party went on!  The power continued to stay off for the first 22 hours of 2009.

Here are some Holiday and New Years eve party pics!

Just to prove that I have the best man in the world...on the 2nd of January Andre treated Anina and myself to a fabulous day at the Mangwanani Spa... while him and Stephan enjoyed a mud-wrap of their very own with a motorbike, a mountain and lots of rain the previous evening.

Our new years resolution:  To quit smoking.... we are already on day 13 and going strong!
The only sad news is that it’s no longer Christmas and nobody’s spending money on you anymore :( Bleh!