Thank You For Smoking (Part 2)

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Wed, 08/11/2006 - 15:35 -- irma

So I will start this blog by saying that there is a good chance that I hate you.

Ok that was not a joke... since I quit it's really hard to be nice to anyone.
Stella and Bennie (my only two friends who have successfully stopped smoking for more than a year) says that I will start liking people again eventually...

I got Nicorettes the on Friday evening from concerned friends(probably more scared than concerned) and that didn't help at all... "thanks for nothing".   Instead it felt like I swallowed a handful of splinters with only a teaspoon of water.

I guess it's not that bad ...  I do not think about it ALL the time anymore... just about 72% of the time....

We had a good weekend... it was Vicky's bday on Friday and Leanne and I gave the gift of song (and flowers)...  We used the Kareoke machine and sang from the top of our voices.... Bohemian Rapsody.  We did so well that Stan pretended not to know us afterwards.

Saturday we went to Pretoria and slept at Mones' place.. (Jorik, Sindie, Stan and I)... We went to Tings and Times in Hatfield.. a bunch of bands played as well as Scicoustic (one of Jorries' bands)  It was cool.
It's Leanne's bday on Sunday so she is having a massive BBQ at her house on Saturday... everybody is invited (well don't say that I said everyone is invited... but it's not like she is going to chase you away if you arrive at her house... especially not if you come baring gifts.