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Mon, 27/11/2006 - 12:08 -- irma

So it's been a while again since I last posted... but lots have happened.

Lets start with Lankies' cocktail bday party... It wailed and we all had fun...
I can describe it in 2 words : Pina Colada

Then I went to JBay to visit Celeste, Dave and little baby Christian.
Prettiest, happiest, cutest baby in the world!!!! We had so much fun and went on the Storms River Mouth Hike. Stunning!

This weekend was also a big one...
Firstly: A BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS TO Heini!!! Well done fishy!!!
He got his results on Friday and is passed his honours.

It was Carrots' Bday on Saturday so we had a HUGE party!!! Good times!

And Yesterday Stanley and i went to see the funniest movie EVER!!! Borat! It was so funny! What is even funnier is that my brother was supposed to join us but he could not come as he was locked inside his house and could not get out.

So Heini just let me know that he is officially an auditer at KPMG now. He is starting on the 2nd of january 2007. Well done, YOU ROCK!!!