December Already

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Mon, 04/12/2006 - 16:07 -- irma

Had a pretty good weekend..
Friday : Stan and I decided to take it slow and keep it on the low down as we had a rock festival to go to on Saturday . So all we did on Friday evening is went shopping and then went home early.

Saturday: Got up early, Willem came to pick us up and we went to Pretoria for the Annual Wolmer Rock Show . It was really good with lots of cool bands and a bunch of people from high school who i haven't seen for ages.

Sunday: Leanne and I were over booked as usual (it's really hard to be so popular) On our list was:
1) Seafood potjie (a South African dish for all the non- South Africans'... you throw a whole lot of ingredients in a black pot and put it on the fire and have it cook for a few hours) at Carrots' house
2) A BBQ at Lisa Maris' house. Well she calls it a BBQ but actually we all just sit there and party untill she and her brother finishes making the worlds best and largest pizza... IT IS SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!
3) Visit Mikka and her kid
4) Feel sorry for Mike as he had an icky stomach (ha ha ha we all know what that means... eeeeeew)
5) Leanne had a painting to finish which is quite urgent
6) I had to go to my uncles' bday party.

We knew we couldn't do it all and just went to the first 2 options.
- Carrots' house.
Obviously being the ladies that we are we didn't eat there and only had 2 glasses of wine each ;)


- Lisa Maris' house
Obviously being the ladies that we only had 1 slice of pizza each ;)

Ok that's my weekend for you all!

Have a nice week and start thinking of good Christmas prezzies for me!