Friday 16 Feb - Sunday 18 Feb

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Tue, 20/02/2007 - 13:00 -- irma
Friday we went to the Bowling club in Norwood to see some bands...
Turns out that the band members were all really angry and disturbed kids
who can't sing so instead they yelled.
Now as you all know I like heavy music and has always appreciated
a talented Muso... but that was ridiculous... they didn't say any words but instead
just forced their voices to make uncomfortable AAARRRRGGGGG sounds.
But there were a lot of really impressive and colourful Mow Hawks hopping around.
Good thing the music had no beat (or the instruments could not be heard over the screaming)
because if there was to start a moshpit a few eyes would've been poked out by those hairspray swords!
oh... and the barman was a pirate ( I am not joking... i have no idea what to you call that accent but
he sounded like a pirate).

Saturday was little Robbies' 21st bday party and well.... all I can say is that Leanne, Mike, Will, and I out partied
everyone there. The people started to pass out around 1am. I got home just before 5am.
Will get some pics from Kim and post them (didn't take my camera)

Sunday: Helen, Sylvi and I went to see a show about 60's music.. it was cool.
Afterward we went to Mama Thembos' in Greenside for cocktail hour... stayed there until about 9pm then
went to Jolly Rogers in Parktown got home just after midnight and slept like a baby!

PS. RIP Fransie