Weekend in Bloem

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Mon, 01/10/2007 - 17:30 -- irma

Howdy all!

Long time no update...

In September Lisa, Stefan, Andre's parents and I went to support Hennie and Andre in Bloemfontein...

Like you all know they are professional Go karters... I know i know.. it's not as cool as real racing but it's better than having more friends' who make us go watch their ballet.. hehehe.


Bloem Weekend highlights:

- Hennie walking around naked in the hotel (from the lobby to the room on the 2nd floor)

- Stefan is now banned from certain clubs in the Freestate

- Andres' Audi can drive pretty far with litterally no gas.

- Lisa has a thing for cellphone thieves

- 12 year old boys do not have a thing for me.

- Our new friend Willem dances like a machine (Hennie met his match)

Things that got us through the weekend:

* Stolen Biltong

* Cream soda

* Jagermeister

* Mullets

* Cell phone insurance

* Muffins

* Umbrella ella ella

* Spare engines

Things that are not cool:

* Bouncers with tazerguns * Cheetahs
* Lesbos who race go karts
* Naming tools
* Noel far away
* Hotel ceilings without suprizes in them
* Sunburn
* Paying for Biltong

Click here for all the visual evidence