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Merry Christmas To Everyone (Except You)

Wed, 07/01/2009 - 11:51 -- irma


That’s all done for 2008 - it was time for my annual attempt to go on these rumoured ‘vacation’ things that we’ve heard so much about.  I really enjoyed it.

Looking back it’s been a bit of a golden year, really - Pierre and Jeaunes went mental and tied the knot, StevO had a girlfriend (for a little while), Andre moved in with me,  Anina finally convinced Stephan that marriage is infact a good idea, Oh, and some idiot invented Facebook.  Yup, it truly was one killer of a year!

And now, the awkwardly sincere pay-off - once again,I’d all like to express my genuine appreciation to anyone who’s read my blogs over the last 12 months.

The commenters, the silent readers, the people who’ve accidentally stumbled across the site and found it made them angry, abusive and illiterate - wouldn’t be what it is (which is a unknown space on the world wide web where I sadly blog and hope that someone will realize that I have an amazing ability to party and decide to sponsor me to do just that for the rest of my life) without all of your help. .

So merry Christmas, happy new year and be sure to visit often throughout 2009 for the now-traditional ‘Irma beats her head against a desk because there is no news whatsoever’ stories. It’ll be fun! Have a lovely 2009, everyone.

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June and July.. In a Nutshell!

Fri, 01/08/2008 - 09:25 -- irma
We had an awesome time during the last 2 months...

It was Hennie, Francois, Christeen and my own birthday in June. We turned 21 again and it was fabulous! Hennie and I had a little braai at his place the weekend before and a bunch of us went to Sodwana for a diving weekend the weekend after our bdays.

Forget the Oscars and the Grammys and the Golden Globes - they're all rubbish, largely because Paris Hilton won't ever win any of them but also because I finally won something on the 2nd of July 2008!!! I GOT A SILVER SPOON. No, really, I'm not making this up. Promise.... it's a big bowl with a long handle made out of some sort of metal and spray painted a metallic colour called silver. At FTV they called it "designer cutlery" to make it sound interesting... it's still just a spoon.
We had an awesome ladies night at Fasion TV Cafe in Sandton. complete with dinner, strippers, pamper hampers and the above mentioned lucky draw.
The other prizes were amazing. Elmien got a Jenna Clifford chain and pendant... some other girls won Givenchy eye wear, spa treatments and stunning handbags.
We'll be doing it again early August. Anina promised to join us!

Andre and Hennie raced again in July... but I'm not going to give more details on that. Better luck next time boys!

Pictures available (if you missed the links)
Our 5th 21st
Ladies night 02/07/08

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A lot of "I Do"'s

Fri, 14/03/2008 - 08:48 -- irma
Marriage is a tricky thing. First you have to find that special somebody and date them for at least a week. Then you have to have an elaborate wedding in a humongus ballroom and afterwards you buy a tiny little house where you and the misses will be delicately crammed inside for, if all goes well, the remainder of your lives.

Here's some top secret news that you probably won't have heard: Pierre and Jeaunes got married last weekend; well, you won't have heard unless you've somehow received any of the nonstop invites, gift registries and phone calls regarding the wedding. It was absolutely gorgeous and Jeaunes looked like a princess and Noel also looked pretty in his skirt.

We're beginning to suspect that Marleen has a bit of a toaster fetish, since a swollen glut of wedding gifts is the only logical explanation for her and Alex getting married all the time.
Because following a extensive wedding in the Ukraine about 10 months ago they decided to get married last Friday afternoon again. The fairytale wedding took place in Muldersdrift and once again Noel wore his petticoat and moonbag.

That's two weddings and still no honeymoon porno flicks leaked onto the internet. Marleen Tretshikovf, your standards are slipping.

And last but not least: Sam and Mike got married in the Westcliff on Sunday.... Mike very clearly took the back seat as he noticed he is not worthy of such a perfect bride... But we had a lot of fun partying with Sam all night while Mike was wimpering in the bathroom. We still love you Mike!
Monday was painful as I enjoyed the champagne and white wine a little toooooooo much. But all worth it.

For pics click here!


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