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December Already

Mon, 04/12/2006 - 16:07 -- irma

Had a pretty good weekend..
Friday : Stan and I decided to take it slow and keep it on the low down as we had a rock festival to go to on Saturday . So all we did on Friday evening is went shopping and then went home early.

Saturday: Got up early, Willem came to pick us up and we went to Pretoria for the Annual Wolmer Rock Show . It was really good with lots of cool bands and a bunch of people from high school who i haven't seen for ages.

Sunday: Leanne and I were over booked as usual (it's really hard to be so popular) On our list was:
1) Seafood potjie (a South African dish for all the non- South Africans'... you throw a whole lot of ingredients in a black pot and put it on the fire and have it cook for a few hours) at Carrots' house
2) A BBQ at Lisa Maris' house. Well she calls it a BBQ but actually we all just sit there and party untill she and her brother finishes making the worlds best and largest pizza... IT IS SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!
3) Visit Mikka and her kid
4) Feel sorry for Mike as he had an icky stomach (ha ha ha we all know what that means... eeeeeew)
5) Leanne had a painting to finish which is quite urgent
6) I had to go to my uncles' bday party.

We knew we couldn't do it all and just went to the first 2 options.
- Carrots' house.
Obviously being the ladies that we are we didn't eat there and only had 2 glasses of wine each ;)


- Lisa Maris' house
Obviously being the ladies that we only had 1 slice of pizza each ;)

Ok that's my weekend for you all!

Have a nice week and start thinking of good Christmas prezzies for me!

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Mon, 27/11/2006 - 12:08 -- irma

So it's been a while again since I last posted... but lots have happened.

Lets start with Lankies' cocktail bday party... It wailed and we all had fun...
I can describe it in 2 words : Pina Colada

Then I went to JBay to visit Celeste, Dave and little baby Christian.
Prettiest, happiest, cutest baby in the world!!!! We had so much fun and went on the Storms River Mouth Hike. Stunning!

This weekend was also a big one...
Firstly: A BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS TO Heini!!! Well done fishy!!!
He got his results on Friday and is passed his honours.

It was Carrots' Bday on Saturday so we had a HUGE party!!! Good times!

And Yesterday Stanley and i went to see the funniest movie EVER!!! Borat! It was so funny! What is even funnier is that my brother was supposed to join us but he could not come as he was locked inside his house and could not get out.

So Heini just let me know that he is officially an auditer at KPMG now. He is starting on the 2nd of january 2007. Well done, YOU ROCK!!!

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Off to Jeffreysbay

Wed, 15/11/2006 - 22:22 -- irma

Yeh!!! So 2morrow I am flying to Jbay to visit Celeste ,Dave and their brand new baby boy, Christiaan.

I'll be taking lots of pics and you'll all soon know what he looks like!

Well I'm flying back on Monday just after luch and will report back soon!

Here in Joburg Lisa Mari if having a party since it is her Birthday on Monday. So if you are bored on Friday... you know where to go!

I am so sorry that I'll be missing it, I have no doubt that it is going to be talked about for weeks to come (since you have to dress up as either a prostitute or a transvestite)

Love you all!

Me =)

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Thank You For Smoking (Part 2)

Wed, 08/11/2006 - 15:35 -- irma

So I will start this blog by saying that there is a good chance that I hate you.

Ok that was not a joke... since I quit it's really hard to be nice to anyone.
Stella and Bennie (my only two friends who have successfully stopped smoking for more than a year) says that I will start liking people again eventually...

I got Nicorettes the on Friday evening from concerned friends(probably more scared than concerned) and that didn't help at all... "thanks for nothing".   Instead it felt like I swallowed a handful of splinters with only a teaspoon of water.

I guess it's not that bad ...  I do not think about it ALL the time anymore... just about 72% of the time....

We had a good weekend... it was Vicky's bday on Friday and Leanne and I gave the gift of song (and flowers)...  We used the Kareoke machine and sang from the top of our voices.... Bohemian Rapsody.  We did so well that Stan pretended not to know us afterwards.

Saturday we went to Pretoria and slept at Mones' place.. (Jorik, Sindie, Stan and I)... We went to Tings and Times in Hatfield.. a bunch of bands played as well as Scicoustic (one of Jorries' bands)  It was cool.
It's Leanne's bday on Sunday so she is having a massive BBQ at her house on Saturday... everybody is invited (well don't say that I said everyone is invited... but it's not like she is going to chase you away if you arrive at her house... especially not if you come baring gifts.


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