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a Quick update

Wed, 04/10/2006 - 12:42 -- irma

Hi everybody! So it's been a crazy week and a lot of good and bad things have happened! Let's start with the bad and get that over with...(well it's probably not bad just not as good as the great thing..)



~Poor Leanne had to go in for a emergency appendix opperation. But she is doing really well now and is at home and dying to go to a rock show ... since she was the reason we did not go to Woodstock this weekend. U R GOING TO BE MAKING UP FOR THIS ONE FOR A LONG TIME, LEANNE!! Get well soon.

~And then Stan is sleep deprived... no no don't get dirty ideas... He has been working on Mo, the new Vodacom meerkat. But that will be over soon and we will have another annoying ad on TV. U GO SCHTAN!


I MET CITO!!!! What else do I need to say. Too see some pics of his hotness click here.



Congradulations to Celeste and Dave, on Monday the 2nd of October their little boy, Christian Naude was born. He is a huge little boy weighing 3.3kg at birth. It is going really well with her and if you have either met Celeste or Dave you know that this os going to be one handsome little heartbreaker!

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Ready for action again....

Wed, 06/09/2006 - 20:47 -- irma

Hi peeps. I'm back in the game. Thanx for all the support and prayers! The operation is forgotten and the scars are super small.

So the BESTEST person in the whole wide world, that's Leanne ofcourse, got us tickets to go and see Mattafix this Friday. I can't wait! I will let u know how it goes.

Saturday we are going to Swartkopz racetrack (oh yeh, spell racecar backwards) to watch Hennie and Andre race. Last weekend Andre seized his engine and still made it to 3rd place and Hennie was 8th. (lucky number in Asia) Oh yes and b4 I forget.... Leanne and/or Stan, tell Ming Yi and Sean thanx 4 the sushi.... They are the best sushi makers in all of Jo'burg. Ok that's it for now. Will keep you posted.

O YES.. BEFORE I FORGET.... TURNS OUT I KICK ASS IN PLAYSTATION..... (well at least your ass Stanley)

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Drag a Dalmation

Tue, 18/07/2006 - 15:13 -- irma
So my wonderful, animal loving friends, Hennie, Andre and Noel were at the Sundome last weeekend busy with the World Of Cats & Dogs expo.
Here is a little glimpse of the things they were up to.
Click on the link to download the video clip.

These clips are not for sensitive viewers.

Long Time

Hey Irrie!!! Wow it's been a while... I Know it's half my fault being busy with work and all but it's also half ur fault... being busy with work and stuff ;-D. so i have to check out your website to find out what you've been up to.... I think that's sad really! Speaking of work... I have to go to Pretoria the whole of next week for sucky work and I am so not looking forward to it as I'm not mad about my job or the people I am working with... which I am now going to be staying with!!! HELP! I have a 21st this weekend that I'm looking forward to and then I leave for Pretoria on Sunday and only come back the following Saturday... suckfest hey?!? well I think so! What you doing on friday night? maybe i can come out with you or we could go have drinks at Qba or something? How is Leanne doing we don't really talk anymore and when i go visit she is never there... last time I saw her was Before I saw you last!!! How bad is that I mean we Live next door although I think she has forgotten that... I know she is also busy with work but she has to be home sometime!! What I'm saying is I MISS YOU GUYS!!! I seem to have become some kind of hermit shunned by the community... We don't even go to movies!!... Speaking of movies (as you know one of my favourite subjects:P)have you seen the preview for "When a stranger calls" ? it looks really scary!!! Maybe we can go see it... us girls you, me and lanky What do you think? ok I think my blog is Long enough for now... Hope to see you soon.


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