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Irma's Bday!!

Thu, 08/06/2006 - 22:00 -- Nevi
Just Incase We cant get you the Real thing! Hope You Have, Or had A Awsome Bday! Got legless and Passed out? Next to a Bush Maybe? or arround a table? doesnt matter, The fun will find You! Fanta Orange! It's dry but You can Drink it! Dont believe me? C for ur self! Honestly, Always clean always dry always Protected! With out a Middle Man its much cheaper! So pop in into your Nearest Wimpy And Enjoy Every Moment! JUST DO IT! Sorry, now that's what i think of when i need content! he he he. bye-bye...
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2 days till my Birthday!!!!

Wed, 07/06/2006 - 17:14 -- irma

Helloo everybody

So like you all know we are going to a game farm this weekend (sorry but if you weren't invited then you are just not pretty enough).
I'll get back to you with pics and stories after the weekend but for now you would have to downlaod the map there.  So just click on the attachment.  And if you are not on my list..... please don't download!



Ok.. party and bush was cool.  Here's a link to the photos for all the spacker brains that attended..

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Long Time no Update!!

Wed, 31/05/2006 - 18:05 -- irma
Hi my fan club... ha ha ha, I ROCK!

So I'll give you a briefing on what happened in the last few weeks:  here it comes...
Shows attended: Robbie Williams, Black eyed Peas, Scicoustic and my very favoutite.... Jesus Christ Superstar (with Cito from Wonderboom playing jesus)
Status with Leanne and Andre: Together then they broke up and together again....this could go on forever (not sure where they stand now, Leanne can you help us out here?)
Birthday parties attended : Cara-Lize, Nick, Willem, Kosie (we made him up to leave early at another party)
Days off sick: 1
Stella left for Neu Zealand so we had a fare well party for her.

That is it for now...  but in 9 days it's my Bday (forget and die) and we'll all be going to a gamefarm, we rented a lodge for the weekend.
The day after my Bday is Hennie's Bday so it's going to be HUGE!
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Tue, 23/05/2006 - 19:24 -- Nevi
Hi You. This The Guy With no Voice on the night of Nick's BDAY! he he he. Sorry bout those two friends hitting on you from all sides! gees even me who's a man couldnt believe it! any way sorry! You, shouldnt fall for any of my two friends who obviously both seem nice at the time, he he And NO THIS IS NOT ME HITTING ON YOU BUT, Ur a Verry nice girl, and desirve much better, and you Naughty too hey??? any way, just talking chignlish now, & it might get worst?; bey ;-) Neville 073 26 74 092


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