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Day 2 in Beijing

Tue, 11/10/2005 - 18:26 -- irma
We got up at 6am because Herk warned us that the Great Wall is going to be crowded as it is a National Holiday and we should go early to dodge the crowds.  We got ready and got in the car ready for the Great Wall of China which is a 1hour drive away from down town Beijing though beautiful mountains.  It was really funny because Stacy was looking through a picture book of the Great Wall while we were driving along side it...only realizing that the rest of us are already taking our own pictures and talking about it!
we got there at about 8 and by that time there were already tour buses full of people.  Herk and Maggie has been on the wall too many times already and decided to stay outside and get foot masagges and tea while we go galavanting.  There were so many people we ended up walking at the brisk speed of turtle for so long because of all the tourist. One by one they dropped out and eventually we outclimed and outwalked the chinese tourists!  It was stunning and the view was great and the way was steep.  Stacy bought medals and had our names encarved on them (at the entrace of the gate)... so that is when we decided to have our prizegiving.
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Day 1 in Beijing

Tue, 11/10/2005 - 17:58 -- irma
So we arrived in Beijing at about 10am Monday morning.  Herk and Maggie were really tired and went straight to bed in the hotel.. Stacy, Al Kuchina and I went to the forbidden city and spent our day there...LOVED IT!!!!!  It is really amazing, the forbidden city was the residence of the emperors of China and was built in 1406.  It's big and amazing.   Surounded by a huge wall.  Bei means North and and jing means capital, thus the north capital city of China.  For dinner we had Beijing duck (delicious) and also really really fresh sashimi!!!  Herk ordered sole fish.  then the waiter came with a live fish on a tray and Herk approved (kind of like Lobster and wine).  5 minutes later the waiter brought the fish back uncooked but his meat sliced away from the bones just lying on the body of the fish.  it was still breathing and it's tail was slightly moving but everybody stuck their chopsticks in and started feasting as the fish was looking at us... I waited until Nemo stopped breathing before I had some.. convincing myself that it is less cruel.... BUT BELIEVE ME IT WAS ONE GOOD TASTING LITTLE FLIPPER!!!!
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Our Beijing Trip

Mon, 10/10/2005 - 14:24 -- irma
Sunday October 2 2005

So Tomorrow we were supposed to get on the train at 19:28 and leave for the fabulous city of Beijing.  We are were almost finished packing and really exited to go!  The train takes 12 hours so we were supposed too arrive in beijing train station on Tuesday morning.
Al, Stacy and I had a lunch date with our favourite couple in China, Herk and Maggie.
Herk is the most spontanious person i have ever met, last time we had lunch with them we ended up going to Hangzhou so half way through our late lunch we decided we're all going home and fet our bags and leave that evening!  At 20:00 we left for the train station and sold our tickets for tomorrow and took Herks' car there.  It was a long drive but we were on our way...
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Wed, 28/09/2005 - 16:42 -- irma
 I can't wait.......    On Monday the 3rd of October we're going to Beijing.  So there will be lots of really cool pics on my site soon!!!  We are taking the train there.  Well China is a big place (like all of you hopefully already know) so it will take us 12hours by train and we'll arrive there at 7:30 Tuesday morning!  We're all going.... Hennie, Coco, Chris, Al, Stacy and myself and we'll meet a friend from Taiwan there, Jamie.  We're gonna go see The great wall of China, Tianimen Square, The temple of heaven, The Forbidden City, Mao tse Tungs' mosileum and the future site of the greatest failure in the history of the Olimpic Games!!  I'm so excited!!! I downloaded a few pics so you can see what I'm looking forward to... here they are!!!!
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Thanx Bro

Mon, 13/06/2005 - 16:53 -- irma
willem martin 
Just so that everybody knows.... my brother made this site for me.  i love it!!!!
here is a pic of him and his best friend Martin. They are really tired after they painted the town red!!!!


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