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Sunday clubs lives again!

Tue, 17/04/2007 - 21:56 -- irma

Whoo hooo!
With all the weekends and hangovers SC (Sunday Club) kind of took the back seat for a while BUT FEAR NO MORE...
Ons Sunday Willem, Sindie, Quelene myself and Yolandi (She is the brand new addition to the SC family) packed our
picnic baskets and set off to Emmerencia dam. I took Candy and Quelene took Angus (her baby dachhound), Lanie and Cloe (her 2 girls).
We had a super picnic with Cheese and crackers and sushi platters ( hey, that rhymes). No plans for this Sunday yet but hopefully Stan and Jor will join us.

For the rest of the weekend: Friday I joined Leanne, Mike and friends for a Friday-the-13th party at the Loft in Melville.
Saturday we felt a little ( by that I mean a lot) under the weather. Leanne and I decided that the Jaegermeister we drank must have been a little off...
I had previous arrangements for the day and unfortunately I didn't have the luxury of lying in bed next to a bucket like Lankie... Instead I had to drink 3 jars of Asprin and pick up Stan to go shopping and then we headed to Midrand for little Heinie's 5th birthday. We had a great time there and I enjoyed the jumping castle while Stanley finished all the kiddies' snax, sweets and pizza. I rolled him to the car and then we left for Lisa Mari's house, I had to watch their dogs and DVD's while they were away for the weekend. I called Leanne and was pleased to learn that she did not kick the bucket (standing next to her bed). Being the good bestest friend that she is... she forced herself and Mike to help Stan and I watch Lisa's dogs and DVD's. The 4 of us slept there and I woke up to the soothing, warm and moist feeling of a puppy chewing my hand with his razor sharp teeth.

Click here for the pics of our Picnic!

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Quick update.

Fri, 13/04/2007 - 16:05 -- irma

I have't blogged for a while mostly because of the fact that I am hugely popular especially in the Nothern Johannesburg area. I had absolutely no time to sit and write down all the crazy thing that have happend lately, but I'll try to brief you on most things..

~Jorik, Lanie and Albert were on Studio 1 so we went to the live recording of the Albert Frost Trio. (Sindie, Quelene, Willem and I)

~ I took my cousins 2 boys to the lion park and it was great! they enjoyed it so much and are absolute sweethearts

~It was Mike and Will's bday party as well as Sam's party.

~ We watched Kung Pow - again- ha ha ha ... it doesn't stop being hilarious. Seriously.

~ Leanne and I teamed up and kicked the ass of team Kim/Stan in both Cranium and 30 seconds.

~ Went away for Easter weekend with Stella, Johan, Charne and their friends to places in the North West Province (Will not spell out the names in fear of horrific pronunciation from all the non-South Africans reading this). We went on a 4x4 trail... that was scary shit, but really exciting. Went to a predator park and even petted real tigers, lions and leopards O MY!.

I'm trying to think what else but so much has happened and I cannot remember it all... here are some pics of the lion at the lion park as well as my weekend away with Stella.

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